Friday, 24 May 2013

Happy Birthday Miss Muffin Princess Kitty-Pants

Happy Birthday sweet Muffin cat, today you would have been thirteen years old. 

I still remember perfectly the day that I brought you home from the Humane Society over five years ago. I had just moved to Toronto a month before and desperately wanted a little fuzzy buddy in my life to take care of. I asked to see the absolute biggest cat that they had and was immediately brought to your cage. In preparation for your arrival I had picked out a few potential new names for you like Hazel, Valentine, and Judith. But back at home when I opened your carrier and saw you all smushed in your sleepy, chubby glory I knew you couldn't have been called anything else but Muffin. 

I never regretted adopting you even though I was young and could barely look after myself. We were like Batman and Robin and together we could take on bad boyfriends, bed bugs, crappy apartments, and anything else that beginning your adult life in a big city can throw at you. I'm grateful for all of the unconditional love, sweetness, and joy you brought to my life. I'm also so thankful that with all the health problems you had you lived as long as you did. I hope you know that I loved you more then I can express and that I will never again meet another animal as special as you were.

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