Monday, 14 October 2013

A Picture an Hour

A visual diary in the form of a picture (or a few) an hour of a Saturday in Nova Scotia spent with my parents and Brett in late August:

Brett and I wake up in my Mum and Dad's house in Halifax; wrapped in my grandmother's old Hudson's Bay blanket and the beautiful quilt my Aunt made and gave to my parent's as a present on their wedding day.
That day I wore my brand, sparkly new Everlane summer sandals. They make me feel like a really fashion forward Jesus.
Knowing we had a full day of feasting ahead of us, for brekkie I make myself a light, yummy snack of mushed avocado on toast.
We set off road trip styles to Chester Basin and ended up at the Seaside Shanty for lunch. The restaurant is owned by a sweet lady named Gillian McKenzie. She babysat my sister and I for a brief spell when we were little. Gillian makes some mean mussels and an outstanding seafood chowder.
After lunch we take off farther down the shore to Lunenburg. We waved to the Bluenose II schooner as she was dry docked for repairs and said hello to a couple of lazy jellyfish floating through the harbour.
We head back towards home and stop to pick up our dinner's guests of honour at Ryers Lobsters.
We make a quick stop in Peggy's Cove to show Brett the pretty pretty lighthouse and sweeping views and then it's back on the road home to get to work on our supper.
Back home and playing with our food.
I take some glamour shots of the insanely awesome galaxy manicure I got before I left Toronto. A wickedly talented dude by the name of Justin at Pinky's Nails did them for me. Can you tell that this kind of spacey manicure is his specialty?
The lobster feasting begins. Potato salad and Keiths, sparkling wine and crusty warm bread, and gobs and gobs of melted butter to dip our tasty little crustacean friends in. We eat till we nearly burst.
The day before I made a batch of lemon semi freddo to go with our epic meal. It was the perfect light finish to a rich, heavy dinner.
After the feast we take our wine out onto the patio to burn the candles down low and talk late into the night.