Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Bunny Day!

Like for most kiddies, when my sister and I were little Easter Sunday was a source of great excitement. In our Easter baskets the Bunny always brought us a brand new jump rope, a big pail of sidewalk chalk, perhaps a pez dispenser or two and lots of chocolate. After the backyard egg hunt we'd get to go out for brunch with Nana. I got to wear a frilly spring dress and it was awesome. 

This evening Brett and I are having a bunch of friends over to watch the Game of Thrones season three premiere. Brett's making nachos and I bought a dozen adorable Easter themed cupcakes for snacking (the plastic egg and bunny decorations on them are actually rings! How cool is that?). I'm going to have at least four glasses of champagne and I may even put on a frilly dress. 

I hope you're all having a relaxing weekend with family and friends and getting your fill of yummy eats and chocolate eggs. Happy Easter! xo

(Mid century die cut Easter decorations from the lovely (and now defunct) The Melissa)

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