Thursday, 25 April 2013

I Love New York

Brett and I are headed off to New York City tomorrow for a couple of days. I'm all ants in my pants excited to explore more of one of my favourite cities in the world. Some things at the top of my to do list include renting a rowboat in Central Park, walking the Brooklyn bridge, going for a ride on Jane's Carousel, getting a solid ring stack going from Catbird jewelry store, checking out the Met, and picnicing with some tacos on the High Line. I've been playing this little gem of a song constantly over the past couple of days. It's doing a marvelous job of getting me into a New York state of mind.


The shots above are from the last time we were in New York in September of 2011. On this particular afternoon it was my 24th birthday and we had ended up at the famous Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant. Did you know that the archway in front of it's entrance is a whispering gallery? It's so magical and it really works too!

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